In 2017 six year old little sister Claire will ask the final question, What Do Your Eyes Look Like?  This courageous story will unlock her true passion for butterflies as she hears a story about three brave butterflies.  ShadFly, MeshFly and AbendaFly will walk through the fire to show how true faith sees beyond what the physical eyes can see. 

Her goal for  the books is to encourage children of all ages to grow in their walk with Christ.  Tasting, hearing and seeing that the Lord is good!  “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him” Psalm 34:8.  Angela Schumer’s family have faithfully walked through many stages in life together and are thrilled to be able to share what  God has entrusted them with.   She is also working on a inspiring devotional position from the book of Psalms--releasing in 2018. 

  The Kids4Courage website serves as platform for Author Angela Schumer to share her stories about

courageous children and her books. 

Angela Schumer (Follower of Christ, wife, mother and Educator) life’s mission is to encourage others to love the Lord with their lives.  Her hilarious conversations with her three children have brought many unseen opportunities.  In 2008 after church her 8 year old son Caleb wanted to know what his tongue looked like.  He and his 4 year old Chloe who were enjoying lollipops stuck out their purple tongues in the rear view mirror and giggled.  That’s when Angela was inspired to write, “What Does Your Tongue Look Like? A tale about taming the tongue.”This charming story released in January 2009 captures Caleb visiting different animals sticking out their unique tongues while sharing some wisdom on the power of words.

Five years later in 2014, 10 year old Chloe wanted to know what ladybug ears looked like.  "The Listening Ladybug--What Do Your Ears Look Like?" This charming story reveals Chloe’s obsession and love for ladybugs but the lack of true listening.   The Listening Ladybug answers questions through no spoken words by her new friend Ladybug but only through the power of listening.