What Does Your Tongue Look Like?

A Tale about Taming the Tongue by Angela Schumer Jan 2009 5x7 black/white $6.00

Meet Caleb, a curious young boy who is asking some questions too, but soon discovers that his tongue can be quite evil at times. This charming story, What Does Your Tongue Look Like?: A Tale about Taming the Tongue is for readers of all ages who have ever regretted something they said. Knowing the power of his tongue, Caleb begins to feel a heavy burden. Accompany him on his hunt for wisdom in Angela Schumer's fictional tale. Laugh and learn as you enjoy Caleb's encounters with wise and wild animals that are passionate about sharing their godly wisdom. This story will leave you thinking What Does Your Tongue Look?

What Do Your Eyes Look Like?

The Brave Butterflies

Release Spring 2017

Pre-orders January 2017 

What Do Your Ears Look Like? The Listening Ladybug by Angela Schumer

May 2014 8x10 fully colored $10.00
"Do ladybugs have healing powers? Do they come in different colors? What do their ears look like? In this colorful sequel, Chloe discovers she doesn't know everything about ladybugs and realizes she's not a very good listener either. Follow Chloe and her ladybug friend as they answer the question, What Do Your Ears Look Like?