"I love how my mom shares our funny kid stories.  She's a really cool mom." Caleb

​​"I loved narrating this story and illustrating one of the ladybug pictures. My mom really did a good job capturing our critters in the story too ." Chloe 

Meet Caleb Jordan Schumer.  He was 8 years of age in 2008 when his mother Angela Schumer wrote this book.  Now Caleb is 16 years of age and a junior at Summit Christian Academy.  

Listen  to this charming story.

Angela Schumer

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Chloe was in 4th grade when this book was written and released.  She is now a 7th grader at the Warrensburg Middle School. This picture below is one of her own drawings featured in the book

-Excerpt from the charming book "What Does Your Tongue Look Like?  

"What Does Your Tongue Look Like? began as a question for her eight year old son which blossomed into a charming story about the power of words. She is currently working on her fourth book, "What Do Your Eyes Look Like?--The Brave Butterflies" Releasing Spring of 2017

Meet Children's Author Angela Schumer

The big brown bear stuck out his tongue and smiled greatly as he put it back in and replied...